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300 Years.

I was recently given an assignment, as it were, and was asked to comment on the following:

With the return to natural medicines; current progressions in modern medicine; the current paradigmatic shift; and, the evolution of spirituality / magic (including the eldest), there is a strong likelihood that the human lifespan may be significantly increased exponentially. I was given a span of 300 years as an example.

I was then asked the following questions:

In those 300 years, how many of them will you spend just "hanging out, loafing around?"


How many arts will you master?
How many careers will you have?
How much of your body will you learn and how much will you learn to do with it?
How much will you bring to the world?
How much will you contribute?
And, I asked myself, how close will I get to the Godhead; how many of those years will I spend nourishing my spirit?

All of these questions left me spinning, and with a little nudge, I realized that while 300 years is tricky to conceive of given the teachings we've been laden with, it is not so difficult to plant that seed in the essence of myself so that I awake each morning with the intention do so and to live as though this vast span is inevitable.

No more wasting time. Wholly in the NOW and wholly in the waning days of year 2266...

What could this world be like if each of us woke with love in our hearts, embraced by each moment - entirely immersed in each moment, and secure in the ideal that while now - right now - is absolutely perfect, we've 300 years to savor so many more?

Powerful exercise. I urge you to do your best to think upon this yourself.