A "little black book," so to speak, dedicated to artists and musicians, in all mediums... These individuals and their efforts as a single entity, or as part of a collaboration or collective are a small, but growing sample, of creators that command attention.

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A PATH UNTOLD — SECRET SUBTLE LIGHT (Daniel Merrill, Aligning Minds Recordings, 2015)

A Path Untold is the solo electronic music project of producer, Daniel A. Merrill, who is one half of the genre-crossing duo known as Aligning Minds. Typically known for their work in the realms of ‘transformational’ psychedelic bass music, downtempo and idm, Aligning Minds has made a large impact on audiences worldwide with their melodic, soulful sound.

A Path Untold unlocks a new chapter in this producer’s focus, moving forward with the creation of music that defies genre categorization and captivates the imagination and heart. It explores the notion that “music is a mystery to be unraveled; a path to explore the far reaches of yet untold existence.”

Drawing upon a fusion of genre influences like future garage, breakbeat, idm, deep house, and ambient, A Path Untold seeks to unearth new emotional response patterns within the listener for a mutually connective experience. The album will be the first release on the newly established Aligning Minds Recordings label, which will focus on “electronic music crafted with an emphasis on emotional depth and personal perspective.”

— Aligning Mind Recordings, 2015

A Path Untold — Secret Subtle Light, Artwork Package
(Aligning Minds Recordings, 2015)

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Copyright © 2015 Daniel Merrill at Aligning Minds Recordings. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2015 Toby Verhines at Heathen Divine. All rights reserved. Shared permission.


Apophenic Art

The Apophenic Artists: BIGgles and Si-Fi were both born and acquainted in London. They still reside there and work between their art studios based in North London and Vienna. The work they present is varied and original, constantly pushing the boundaries of the mind. Taking their influences from a myriad of sources from praised masters to cutting edge urban street writers, they have found a natural, artistic harmony that combines their own unique personal styles into a symmetrical oneness.


Caitlin Deane — Terramorphic

Caitlin graduated with a B.F.A. Degree in Ceramics and Concentration in Curatorial Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in May of 2012 and is currently living in Joshua Tree, CA.

Nestled beneath our feet, clay hides within a history underground. Clay inherently shows the mark of its maker, and to unveil such a material through the act of digging is to reveal more than a lifetime of the earth as maker. I seek to resurrect an archaic reverence towards local and natural materials through the use of adobe and local clay deposits within my work. By foraging local clay I embrace self-sufficiency towards process and product. This material continually teaches me a new language of working, whereas industrially produced clays lack location and harness conventional movements. My processes utilize the history of clay and its uses, but the resultant objects ask questions of the allocation of value within contemporary society.

I let nature reclaim its material in many of my time-based pieces, as clay’s fragility and ephemerality has taught me to accept impermanence and recognize change. In a perpetual state of succession, I methodically recycle older pieces to create new work. By using this material in multiple conditions, raw, wet, slip, bone dry, bisqued, and fired, I can rejoice in clay’s transformative properties to mimic the body’s own cyclical stages. The human body, the clay body, and the earth are one as they encompass birth, growth, transformation, death, and rebirth.


John Dyer Baizley — A Perfect Monster

John Baizley is a painter and musician based in Savannah, Georgia. He is notable for his album cover art and t-shirts for artists including Kvelertak, Kylesa, Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Daughters, Skeletonwitch, Torche, Cursed, Black Tusk, Vitamin X, Flight of the Conchords, The Red Chord, Gillian Welch, Metallica, and his own band, Baroness, for which he is the singer and rhythm guitarist.[1] Choosing to work mostly with fairly small bands rather than big name bands, his work is instantly recognizable in the heavy music scene.

Baizley's artwork is very intricate and detailed usually consisting of iconic imagery, warm colors, and esoteric elements. He repeatedly uses the female form in a very stylized way to tell a story within each work. "My goal is to find a narrative and theoretic balance without seeming either too overtly pretentious or too simple and comical" (John Dyer Baizley). His style is heavily influenced by the famous artist Alphonse Mucha.

In an interview for the April 2012 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, Baizley talks about his process and the different meanings behind his work. He also stresses his hate for self-promotion and until recently he only sold his artwork at Baroness shows to make the transaction much more personal and pure between him and the buyers. However, all of his artwork can now be found on his website aperfectmonster.com He remains engulfed in the art that he makes and states that there is no difference between his personal life and his professional life. "His deeply iconic and consistently superior work as a musician and artist, as well as dedication to fatherhood, have become synonymous, consuming every facet of his life" (Angelo Madrigale). In 2009, the first John Baizley solo show was established at a small art gallery in Pennsylvania.

Seldon Hunt

Seldon Hunt has been working as an art director, designer and illustrator since 1995. In recent years much of his output has been devoted to creating a diverse and highly recognizable body of visuals that have become synonymous with contemporary heavy metal. Legendary bands he has worked with have include to name but a few, Isis, Neurosis, High on Fire, Melvins, sunno))), Pelican and Nachtmystium. His voluminous output of the beautiful to the macabre to the sublime and disturbing has graced the apocalyptic sonic releases of some of modern metals most profound masters.

Everything from LP and CD covers, to posters, t shirts, skate boards and apparel have been graced by his complex visions of the fantastagoric. He has collaborated frequently with metal grand sage of the underground Stephen O’Malley on various projects. His work is exhibited globally and appears regularly in music, art, culture and design publications as well as being displayed in many new books on contemporary design and illustration.


Glyn Scrawled — Stag & Serpent

Glyn Smyth is a self-taught Irish illustrator and printmaker.

Whilst his illustration work is often associated with underground metal bands (for which he has created many album covers, posters and merchandise) his work is chiefly informed by interests in the fields of folklore, myth and magick. His artwork has been featured in various illustration books, journals and websites. In recent years he has exhibited and sold prints in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States.

Alongside commissions, he is currently exploring different print techniques & developing a body of new work under the ‘Stag & Serpent’ banner. 

He currently resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland.



Stephen O'Malley — Ideologic


Ideologic is the information and archival resource for the music/design/etc work of Paris based artist Stephen O’Malley and related parties.

As an ongoing, living work in progress, it evolves with new work, music and information over time, so return now and again.

Words=communique; Audial=sounds; Vizuel=designs; Realiz=contact/obtaining physical manifests of the prior; Ideologic=anchor.

Thanks for reading.


Paul Romano — Work Hardened

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer living and working in Philadelphia. He grew up in the very same city and studied at the University of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

He began his professional career in the early 90s as an in-house illustrator and designer creating educational software for children. As technology boomed, myriad options fell before him: random illustration work, creating a successful line of greeting cards, web design, and partnership in a small branding and design firm. While commercial design was lucrative, a void was left in the expression of Romano's background in, and love of, fine art.


Aaron B. Turner — Feral Pig

Artist, musician, record label operator. Founder and/or participant of: Hydra Head Records, House of Low Culture, ISIS, Mamiffer, Old Man Gloom, SIGE Records, Jodis, Lotus Eaters, Greymachine, Split Cranium, Drawing Voices, etc. This site contains artwork and information about the various projects/entities listed above as well as other activities to which I am connected.


Michael Garfield — Visionary Artist & Musician

"Michael Garfield is a demiurgic force to be reckoned with (let’s just be glad that he’s on the side of conscious culture). He’s a masterful thinker, poet-philosopher, visionary artist, musician…and there’s at least a slight possibility that he’s a cyborg from the future.  Wherever and whenever he’s from, I’m pleased that he’s here to share his revolutionary yet frolicsome music, his delightful paintings and festival accessories, and his deeply important ideas."
– Ryan Greendyk of Light Lab

"Being your friend is like having a front row seat to awesome things."

– Topher Sipes of ARTheism


Here are separate biographies about each point of my trident career, followed by my curriculum vitae.  I am available for hire for illustration, graphic design, custom painting, folk or instrumental electronic musical performances, live painting, public speaking, writing, editorial work, and more.  If you need someone with both cosmic vision and two feet on the ground, email me for booking or commissions.