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Caitlin Deane — Terramorphic

Caitlin graduated with a B.F.A. Degree in Ceramics and Concentration in Curatorial Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in May of 2012 and is currently living in Joshua Tree, CA.

Nestled beneath our feet, clay hides within a history underground. Clay inherently shows the mark of its maker, and to unveil such a material through the act of digging is to reveal more than a lifetime of the earth as maker. I seek to resurrect an archaic reverence towards local and natural materials through the use of adobe and local clay deposits within my work. By foraging local clay I embrace self-sufficiency towards process and product. This material continually teaches me a new language of working, whereas industrially produced clays lack location and harness conventional movements. My processes utilize the history of clay and its uses, but the resultant objects ask questions of the allocation of value within contemporary society.

I let nature reclaim its material in many of my time-based pieces, as clay’s fragility and ephemerality has taught me to accept impermanence and recognize change. In a perpetual state of succession, I methodically recycle older pieces to create new work. By using this material in multiple conditions, raw, wet, slip, bone dry, bisqued, and fired, I can rejoice in clay’s transformative properties to mimic the body’s own cyclical stages. The human body, the clay body, and the earth are one as they encompass birth, growth, transformation, death, and rebirth.