A "little black book," so to speak, dedicated to artists and musicians, in all mediums... These individuals and their efforts as a single entity, or as part of a collaboration or collective are a small, but growing sample, of creators that command attention.

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Michael Garfield — Visionary Artist & Musician

"Michael Garfield is a demiurgic force to be reckoned with (let’s just be glad that he’s on the side of conscious culture). He’s a masterful thinker, poet-philosopher, visionary artist, musician…and there’s at least a slight possibility that he’s a cyborg from the future.  Wherever and whenever he’s from, I’m pleased that he’s here to share his revolutionary yet frolicsome music, his delightful paintings and festival accessories, and his deeply important ideas."
– Ryan Greendyk of Light Lab

"Being your friend is like having a front row seat to awesome things."

– Topher Sipes of ARTheism


Here are separate biographies about each point of my trident career, followed by my curriculum vitae.  I am available for hire for illustration, graphic design, custom painting, folk or instrumental electronic musical performances, live painting, public speaking, writing, editorial work, and more.  If you need someone with both cosmic vision and two feet on the ground, email me for booking or commissions.